Return Policy


Return Policy 


You can return your order with all original materials included within 60 nights of delivery. We will email you a prepaid FedEx label and deduct the cost of the return shipping from your refund amount ($10-15 per item flat rate for most items). The balance of the purchase less the original freight you paid plus the return fee will be refunded. Unless you are re-ordering something we suggest ONLY buying one item type at a time to minimize the return cost to you. In the event we waive having an item ship back there will only be a $5 processing fee for the order, the balance for the order will be refunded less that fee and the original shipping out to you.


In the event we shipped the wrong item there will be no return fee and you will receive a full refund including your original ship fee. 


Return Fee's By Item Type & Exceptions:


  • Single Pillow $10
  • Twin Pack Pillow $15
  • 4 Pack Pillows - $20
  • 10 Pack Pillows $25
  • Blanket $15
  • Comforter $15
  • Mattress Pad $15
  • Feather Bed's which have a return fee of $25
  • Small Items like pillow protectors only have a return fee of $2 per item
  • If you need to return an item from Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico there is a $20 per item surcharge plus a $5 fixed fee.


Please follow the procedure below. 


Returns Procedure:


First Go


If you did not already create an account and password, you should do so now. Simply click the 'My Account' on top of the site, click 'forgot password.' 


Check your email and click the link generated. Create a new password and then log in. Your orders should show up in your order history. Simply follow the prompts on the page to initiate the return process.


Click on the Order # you wish to return: XXXXXX


Click Return Request: Directly under the shopping cart logo.


QTY to Return: Input the number of items you wish to return per item.


Return Reason: Select from pull down.


Return Action: Select from pull down.


Comments: Leave a message or provide information as needed. It is possible to combine returns into one box. If original box is not available* list item quantity in box and the box measurements: Length (xx) – Width (xx) – Height(xx)


Click- Submit Return Request


DOWNLITE does not accept returns that have been used or laundered.

We will contact you within 2 to 3 business days with your return label and packaging instructions. When we receive a return request we update them from pending to 'Return Authorized'. This does not automatically send you return labels - a team member still has to process them manually so please be patient.


After you have submitted your return request, please follow the steps below to expedite your return:


Put items you are returning in the original box (2 pillows are okay to combine into 1 box).


Print the Return Label that was emailed to you.


Attach/tape your return label to the box.


Take your box to a FedEx Store to ship.


Email a photo of the receipt from FedEx to expedite your refund.

Return service fee applies to each item returned (please read the return policy above for exceptions). Please email us at to inform us of the tracking number and date the return was shipped back to us.


Expect to receive your refund within 2-3 weeks from DOWNLITE receiving your return. Please allow for shipping and handling time when completing a return. When shipping back items, please send us the tracking code information so we can make sure all packages come back. This will allow us to expedite the return process for you. Our email address is