Looking to purchase bulk fillings, shells or packaging for your own business? The DOWNLITE DIY collection includes an assortment of materails you can use for making your own bedding, repairing apparel or anything in between. Bulk packaged by nature, we have plenty of options to choose from. If you don't see a solution for your needs - just ask us and would be happy to research it for you.

The DIY program features items we have all the time like fillings to shells whose inventory can vary.  Typically, shipping within 2 business days the collection is a great way to get started with DOWNLITE using a self-serve program.  Requiring only a credit card you can be ready to go live usually in less than a day.

Have questions or need help? Call our b to b team Monday-Friday from 10 to 4 PM.

 Please note you will need to supply a tax resale certificate.